Eat your (beet) greens

I just love this salad! So much that I had it a few days ago and found myself craving it today so I had it again for dinner tonight.

I call it the “one ingredient salad” and I discovered it quite by mistake.

A few weeks back, I got golden beets in my weekly CSA share. Usually, when I pickup the weekly box of fruits and veggies, I immediately cut, wash and wrap the greens. And in the case of beets, I remove the greens immediately just so they’ll fit in the fridge. That week, I didn’t intend to actually eat the golden beet greens but figured I could wash and save them to be juiced later in the week.

I also received an abundance of romaine lettuce that week, so I offered a pre-washed packet of it to my neighbors. But, I mistakenly grabbed the beet greens and gave it to them instead of lettuce. The next day they commented on how good and “interesting” the lettuce was… So the wheels started turning, and I figured out what had happened.


How to make the “One Ingredient Salad”
First, chop the washed and dried beet greens into bite-size pieces. Then dress them with a liberal glob of your favorite salad dressing and mix well. (I used Goddess Dressing, which is one of my favs!) Then peeled the pre-roasted, chilled beet and chopped it up. Add the beets on top – and voila! The perfect “one ingredient” salad.

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