Meal planning should be easy. Let me help.

I’m building a set of tools to help take the challenge out of meal planning.

Once you stock your pantry with the right ingredients, grocery shopping will be a snap. Just replenish your pantry & buy 4-5 other ingredients per week. You’ll be able to make loads of recipes without seeking out the obscure (use-it-once then let-it-sit) ingredients. Heck, you might even save some money.

I’ll help you with every step of the process:

  • Build an affordable pantry, full of flexible ingredients
  • Select delicious recipes that have complementary fresh ingredients
  • Make a weekly plan that is both doable and family-friendly
  • Organize your shopping list to save you time and money in the store
  • Learn how to make substitutions while you cook, allowing you to customize for your preferences
  • Cut cooking time in half (or more!)

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Meal planning should be easy. Let me help.
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