Fresh herbs make all the difference

Tonight I made a quick “kitchen sink” “salad-less” salad. Which means I tossed in lots of ingredients and left out the main thing that makes a salad a salad – lettuce or greens of any kind.

It consisted of breaded chicken, golden beets, red and yellow bell peppers, and cubed feta cheese. Yup, I basically cleaned out all the remnants of leftover meals from my fridge. Then to spruce it up a bit, I grabbed some fresh basil and flat Italian parsley from my herb garden (oh, and I drizzled on a quick balsamic glaze).

The herbs really pulled the whole meal together, adding an amazing fresh flavor.

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Cooking for the season (CSA bounty)

For the summer months, I am a member of my local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) which means I get a weekly box of local, mostly-organic farm-fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, bread and cheese.


While I love getting all of this wonderful produce, it can prove to be a challenge fitting these fresh ingredients into my meal plan. Especially since most of what I get in my “share” are ingredients I would usually not choose at the grocery store (like turnips, garlic scapes, and so much cabbage!!!)

So, I pickup my share on Thursdays, make a plan on Friday, pickup any remaining items I need on Saturday at the Farmer’s Market or the grocery store, then start cooking! So, a Thursday CSA share usually lasts me through the following Friday/Saturday.

The trickiest part of the whole thing is “making a plan” – it includes checking my pantry, searching for recipes, and making creative substitution so I can use all of the fresh ingredients.

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Meal planning should be easy. Let me help.

I’m building a set of tools to help take the challenge out of meal planning.

Once you stock your pantry with the right ingredients, grocery shopping will be a snap. Just replenish your pantry & buy 4-5 other ingredients per week. You’ll be able to make loads of recipes without seeking out the obscure (use-it-once then let-it-sit) ingredients. Heck, you might even save some money.

I’ll help you with every step of the process:

  • Build an affordable pantry, full of flexible ingredients
  • Select delicious recipes that have complementary fresh ingredients
  • Make a weekly plan that is both doable and family-friendly
  • Organize your shopping list to save you time and money in the store
  • Learn how to make substitutions while you cook, allowing you to customize for your preferences
  • Cut cooking time in half (or more!)

If you’d like to be notified when my Meal Planner is available, just add your name to the list.

Meal planning should be easy. Let me help.
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Is this thing on?

I am happy to rejoin the world of personal blogging, as of… right now. unfortunately took a back burner to my work at Springpad, and even more to the arrival of my two sons.

But, now that Springpad is shutting down in just a few days (Learn more at my online home will once again be Over the coming weeks I’ll try to replace the now-defunct Springpad links in my old posts.

I’ve got some exciting stuff in the works and can’t wait to share it with all of you – so stay tuned.

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